Replacement of Gas Boilers


The Purchase of the New Boiler


After Lochaber Technical Services has accessed the status of your Old Boiler.  We would be happy to recommend the most suitable replacement Gas Boiler that would fulfill your on-going requirements.


We have found that the most cost effective way to replace your Old Boiler with a New Energy Efficient Gas Boiler is to use the "You Buy It and We will Fit It" method.


Therefore in order to keep the Installation Price reduced to a Minimum, we would ask that the Customer Buys the Boiler and Accessories direct from the Trade Outlet.  "Don't Worry"  We will make this easy for you by supplying you with a Detailed Specification of


  • What Equipment to Buy.
  • Where to Buy it from.


This ensures that the Customer always gains the Best Price with No Mark up from Ourselves.

All you have to do is Pay for the Equipment and have it Delivered direct to your House or Place of Installation.


Normally What you will need to Purchase Consists of the Following


The Gas Boiler

The Flu Kit

The Programmer (Options)

The Magnetic System Cleaner (Optional but Highly Recommended)


The Installation & Commissioning


We have a Flat Fee of £600 (No Vat) in Travel Zone A for the Installation and Commissioning of replacement Gas Boilers which includes.


  • Travel Time to and from the Place of Installation (In Zone A)
  • Altering Pipe work to suit new Fitment of New Boiler.
  • Additional Water and Gas Valves where required.
  • Draining of Heating System.
  • Addition of Cleaning Solution on Boiler Flushing.
  • Addition of Inhibitor & Antifreeze on Boiler Commissioning.
  • Ensuring Boiler Installation to BS
  • Ensuring all Water and Gas Lines are Tight.
  • Ensuring all Gas Pressures are Correct.
  • Registering Warranty with Boiler Manufacturer.
  • Issuing of Gas Installation Certificate.


The Exclusions


Travel Zones:-    Please See our Zone Map for Additional Charges to cover Time & Mileage if working outside of Zone A.

Central Heating Drainage Point:-    If the Installation of Central Heating Drainage point is required then this would be charged on a Time and Material Basis and is not included in our Boiler Installation Flat Fee.

Flu Pipes:-    If extra lengths of Flu Pipe, Bends or a Plume Kit are required then this will be down to the Customer to Pay for this.

Programmers:-   The Installation cost of Fitting the Mechanical Timer is included in the installation.



The Warranties

New Boilers come with Manufacturers Warranties which can be as long as up to 5 Years, so if you have a problem with your Boiler within the Warranty period then the Manufacturer would arrange to have the Boiler fixed.



Example Cost of Boiler Installation

Lochaber Technical Services is an Engineering Company and is not a Sales Company, therefore we do not supply any Equipment of any type, however we will point you in the right direction of Where and What to buy.

Below you will find a typical example of the minimum cost of having a replacement boiler fitted.


 Description Net £
Gross £
Worcester 25i LPG Gas Boiler 824.00 164.80
Horizontal Flu Kit                 71.00
MT10 Mechanical Timer
50.00 10.00
Installation & Commissioning 600.00   600.00
Total Cost 1545.00


For More Information on Different Boilers.

Please See our Gas Boiler Catalog. (Main Menu under Gas)